Silicone Anal Plugs.

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Silicone Anal Plugs, Each plug is produced using medical-grade silicone. This is the kind of silicone that medical facilities use for their clinical hardware. This additionally implies that it does not exude any poisonous synthetic substances that shouldn’t be introduced in the body such as BPA, and phthalates. Their non-permeable properties also guarantee that you can use them even in the shower and in any wet conditions without causing any damage.

Silicone Anal Plugs Kit  is specifically designed to help you work your way up the spectrum of backdoor pleasure. These silky  anal pleasure tools offer a classic taper, tons of smoothness, a sleek neck designed for comfortable long term wear.

Designed to be extra pleasurable and easy to enjoy through a range of anal explorations,  insert smoothly and comfortably, gently stretching and stimulating the nerve-rich anal canal as they widens toward the largest point. A nice big circular base through with that  acts as a barrier against unwanted travel, so feel free to delve deep.

With the different sizes available, these Silicone Anal Plugs can act as perfect anal stretchers. Starting with the smallest size as you build-up to the largest one. This will make the anal muscles relax and you’ll be comfortable to take in bigger ‘responsibilities’. These are the best anal trainers since they will gradually train your anal muscles. The experienced pluggers can purchase and enjoy the bigger sizes directly.Use a lot of lube when using anal plugs.

Lubricants help so much especially when a little to no foreplay is involved. This reduces friction and thus allows a pain-free experience. Water-based lubricants are highly recommended for silicone plugs as silicone-based lubes can ruin silicone toys.


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