Anal Toys

    • 10 Speed Vibrating Anal Beads

      • If you appreciate sensation, then beads are a suitable toy for you. Anal vibration beads are a clutch way to enjoy solo or partner play better. These bad boy beads vibrate and imitate a rimming sensation. The vibration is designed to stimulate your butt using the motion, making it ideal for a beginner to anal play.
      • Safe and smooth material
      • These anal vibration beads  are made of medical-grade silicone, smooth to the skin, and warm up to your body fast. Furthermore, silicone is a cost-friendly and durable option. Therefore, you can expect maximum service from your beads.
      • Intense orgasms
      • Use anal beads to bring your wildest fantasies to life, such as prostate orgasms. Besides, they are also ideal for use on the vagina, making it suitable for both you and your partner. Anal beads not only ensure your body experiences the pleasure of penetration but also make this sensation repeatable.
      • Battery-powered Anal and Vaginal Vibrating Beads
      • Versatile
      • Beads are among the most diverse sex toys since you don’t need to insert them all. If you are a beginner, you can start with the first few beads and walk your way to different séances. Besides, you can use them however you please.
      • Versatile
      • These beads come in different sizes. Therefore, if you are new to them, you can start with a small size and increase size as you get more comfortable. They also come in different colors.
      • It is essential always to choose sex toys made of non-porous material, especially anal toys. The anal vibrating beads are 100% waterproof making them safe to clean and shower. Get yours today and enjoy mind-blowing orgasms.


    • Anal Plug 13 V


      Rejoice in the modest size, hygienic material and absolutely adorable appeal of this simple butt plug from Pipedream’s Basix Rubber Works collection, a beginner-friendly anal tool for curious players and…

    • Crystal Anal Plugs

      • 100% waterproof.
      • Function:Aluminum alloy anal Plug
      • Material: Aluminum alloy
      • Aluminum alloy plug size:7×2.8cm(2.76×1.1inch),8.2×3.4cm(3.23×1.34inch),9.5x4cm(3.74×1.57inch)
      • Give you the feeling of super comfortable
      • Is the best choice for you and your lover
      • Keep clean for use and cool place
      • Use with your favorite water based or silicone lube
    • Metal Tail.


      The shining metal of this visually stunning plug is topped by a bushy tail of real fur. The smooth, flawless aluminum alloy is designed with a tapered tip and gently swelled body, with a nice slim shaft and flared base to help keep it comfortably in place, even while crawling around on all fours. The metal warms quickly to body temperature, and can be heated up or cooled down as you desire. The plush tail is thick, full, and luxurious. Cloud soft and sturdily anchored in place, it will wag and wiggle with every movement. Metal is non-porous, easy to clean, and safe with all types of lube. The alloy material is slick and smooth like stainless steel, with less weight. Measurements: Plug: 2.75 inches in total length, 2.5 insertable, 1.10 inches in diameter at widest point; Tail: Approximately 12 inches in length, approximately 4 inches thick. Material: Aluminum alloy, fur. Color: Silver.

    • Rainbow Princess Plug 3-Piece Set

      • There’s nothing wrong with adding a splash of color on your butt. If you’ve got a hankering for some sparkles and anal play, our Rainbow Princess Plug 3-Piece Set offers both of those and more! This is the perfect way to introduce pleasure to your butt or even your partner’s butt.
      • Both your eyes and butt will surely be having a treat once with the plugs’ structure and design. First off, each butt plug is made from high-quality metal, which already offers a lot of perks. It’s non-toxic and safe to use in the body. Plus, they’re non-porous, making them waterproof and can be used while in the shower!
      • You’ll also see a glistening piece of gem perched atop of the base handle. This is a faux gemstone replicated to look like the authentic one. It’s also as high quality with a shine. Both the plug and the jewel boast radiant rainbow hues that are a sight to behold. Especially when it’s in your anus.
      • The classic teardrop shape on each butt plug ensures quick and easy insertion every time. Pair it with your favorite lube, and you’re good to go. It starts with a small tip and transforms into a bulbous body as it goes in further. Finally, the neck and base handle stops the plug from going any deeper.
      • Metal also introduces two additional fetishes in this set. As you move forward on your anal training (from small to large sizes), the weight increases as well. Temperature play is another perk for these anal sex toys. Just dip them into ice-cold or hot water for a minute to absorb the temperature.
      • Use them to your liking. Experience the tingling sensations of solid goodness with our Rainbow Princess Plug 3-Piece Set
    • Silicone Anal Plugs Set


      Perfect for Anal Training.
      Package Component:3 x Black silicone Anal Plug
      Small Plug size:73mm(2.9″) length, 32mm(1.3″)widest diameter; Weight 30g/1.1oz
      Medium Plug size:83mm(3.3″) length, 36mm(1.4″)widest diameter; Weight 45g/1.6oz
      Large Plug size:98mm(3.9″) length, 45mm(1.8″)widest diameter; Weight 78g/2.8oz


      Notice: The Gem is not Permanently, but they stay firmly in place when you use it with correct way; Gem is embedded, this design is to bring more fun for people buy different gem plug and change color; This design also convenient for item cleaned properly ;

      Care Instruction after use
      Remove the toy carefully after use. Wash with warm water and very mild soap.

    • Silicone Anal Plugs.

      • Material
        Each plug is produced using medical-grade silicone. This is the kind of silicone that medical facilities use for their clinical hardware. This additionally implies that it does not exude any poisonous synthetic substances that shouldn’t be introduced in the body such as BPA, and phthalates. Their non-permeable properties also guarantee that you can use them even in the shower and in any wet conditions without causing any damage.
      • With the different sizes available, these plug toys can act as perfect anal stretchers. Starting with the smallest size as you build-up to the largest one. This will make the anal muscles relax and you’ll be comfortable to take in bigger ‘responsibilities’. These are the best anal trainers since they will gradually train your anal muscles. The experienced pluggers can purchase and enjoy the bigger sizes directly.Use a lot of lube when using anal plugs. Lubricants help so much especially when a little to no foreplay is involved. This reduces friction and thus allows a pain-free experience. Water-based lubricants are highly recommended for silicone plugs as silicone-based lubes can ruin silicone toys.
    • Vibrating Butt Plug Rechargeable Vibrating Anal Plug Prostate Massager with 10 Modes Stainless Steel Butt Plug

      • Safe design-Size:34mm*34mm*78.5mm,Weight:60.8g,Vibrating Anal Plug With T-shaped base, you can wear without any uncomfortable and you can also wear it when sleeping.
      • Stainless steel material-This anal plug is made of stainless steel , as we know, smooth surface,safe,non-poisonous,no odour and no rusting,stainless steel is absolutely safe for your body,very practical sex toys.
      • 10 vibration modes-Powerful motor with 10 vibration modes, the Anus Plug augments various stimulation and propels you to teeth-clenched ecstasy.
      • Stimulating experience-Stimulating sensitive nerve-endings with a suite of vibration and frequency, this Anus Stopper allows you to enjoy an extraordinary arousal.
      • Suitable for beginners-A decorative flared base prevents over insertion, while its petite proportions makes it an ideal choice for beginners.
    • WOW Holiday Gift Box


      The perfect gift – 12 delightful gift options with a total value of more than 300 USD, including the most popular OG of Tracy’s Dog, Nina Vibe and other toys. Provide high-quality surprises at low prices.

      Surprise for you – This gift box is made for beginners and professionals who want to try. The love box is filled with many exciting toys. Dare to try and let yourself be amazed by your desires. What do you think your partner wants to try?

      Unique gift idea – Pleasure box brings more surprise changes to your love life through the surprise combination of 12 different products. Whether you are single or couple, you can take care of your romantic moments. Different products can meet your different tastes and are unique creative gifts for friends or partners.

      High-quality design-Noble and decorative design, stylish and discreet. With Tracy’s Dog Sex toys Set. Take your love life to a new level and discover more new special experiences.

      Private Package – The Love Box will be sent to you in a discreet packaging. It’s the best gift for friends and partners.

      IN THE BOX

      + OG – Tracy’s Dog bestseller dual vibrator
      Nina Vibe – Dual vbirator with remote control
      + Anal Plug
      + Kegel balls kit
      + Choker
      + Blindfold
      + Feather Tickler
      + Nipple Clamps
      + One set of Sex Card
      + Thong
      + Salt Bath Ball
      + One jar of Scented candle

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