Anal Douche

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Anal Douche

Quality Assurance: This black enema bulb is made of premium material. Suitable for men/women.
Comfortable: The douche holds bigger size up to 10oz (310ml) with soft and comfortable entry, apply to most lubricants for anal.
Reusable: Screws out the nozzle and fill the bulb with liquid.
Easy to Clean: Separate the nozzle from douche and rinse enema nozzle with warm water or soap, dry enema kits with a clean cloth.

If you’re planning to have anal sex or simply “clean” or “rinse” the area, you might consider anal douching. It’s a process many use to clean out the rectum – the last part of your large intestine – through the butt using water.

Anal Douching What To Do

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