Glow in the Dark Sex Dice

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These glow-in-the-dark sex dice will keep things hot and heavy in the bedroom. The set comes with four durable and washable dice showcasing a variety of sexual positions as well as keywords and strategic body parts such as lick, blow, lips, and nipples.

The night will not go action less as you have to do whatever the dice orders.

The set consists of two dices that have various body parts written in it and you just need to abide by the rules of doing sensuous actions to your counterpart without any cheating.

Experience romance in new ways and seduce each other endlessly.

Relationship Enhancing Game for Lovers

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Sex Dice


These dice are LIT (literally) and sexy fun for you and your main thang, side piece, situationship or the love of your life! If you need a spark to revive that sexy time, here’s a kinky little game you can play! Take Your Bedroom & Party Game Up A Notch With These Kinky Nooky Dice Has your bedroom time with your boo become too routine? Would you like to try a fun, risque game to get things going smoother?

How to Play with Sex Dice.

FOREPLAY is a MUST! Don’t rush it, baby!

Grab the action and body part dice, blow on them for good luck and throw ’em! Wherever they land, you got action! Your partner will get to enjoy a certain action on a certain body part to help get things warmed up.

BOOM!! We got action!

EVERYTHING is warm now…. 🙂

When things start feeling good with your partner- or partners #nojudgementzone – it’s time to take the game to the next level and bring out the kinky position die. Hit it from the back, the side, the front or wherever the die lands!

Roll the position and number dice and get thangs poppin’! Perform that position for as many minutes the number die dictates, then roll again! It’s time for round two! Challenge yourselves and see how many rounds the frisky fun can last!

You can even do it in the dark, by the way- these premium erotic Nooky dice are 100% glow-in-the-dark! Sex Dice For Couples

So What Are You Waiting For? Get You Some Nooky!

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