Rose Gold Chastity Cage

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Material: Plastics

Cage Length: Long-90mm(3.54″), Short-70mm(2.75″)

Cage Diameter: 35mm(1.37″)

Rings: 35mm(1.37″), 38mm(1.49″), 43mm(1.69″), 46mm(1.81″), 49mm(1.93″)

Weight: 155g

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Welcome to the world of the Rose Gold Chastity Cage, a realm of chastity that sparkles with rose gold! This magical chastity cage not only allows you to enjoy infinite beauty visually but also allows you to feel the ultimate comfortable experience in action.

It is made of high-quality environmentally friendly plastic, smooth and delicate, not only anti-corrosion, but also durable. This simple, beautiful, and elegant little guy has 5 buckles that can adapt to your needs and ensure your experience is more comfortable.

The Cage not only helps you control your libido but also enhances the emotional interaction between you and your partner, making your sex life more surprising and exciting. Whether you’re using it individually or as a couple’s toy, this little guy is packed with fun and pleasure!

If you want to be a real representative of chastity, then don’t hesitate to try this Rose Gold Chastity Cage and let it be your secret weapon in your sex life!

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