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  • [CROP LENGTH] The riding crop is 18” long. It is ultra-comfortable and lightweight.
  • [RIDING CROP LEATHER] The leather crop is crafted from premium faux leather. It is a black riding crop.
  • [RIDING CROP EQUESTRIAN] The horseback riding crop is ergonomic. It can be used for all types of trainings.
  • [DURABLE CROP] The whip for horses has a strong shaft. The handle is braided and has a wrist loop.
  • [FULL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE] The black English riding crop is going to rock your world. If not, we will take them for exchange or refund.

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The Riding Crop is a customary symbol of supremacy in BDSM activities. It is rarely used for actual lashing, but rather for symbolic domination. Things to consider when using a riding crop include consulting with your partner before introducing this kind of activity into your sex life. Buy a riding crop that is specifically designed for this type of use.

Crops are often made out of a long rod of fiberglass and covered in leather or fabric. Use the riding crop to command your partner, as a tool of power to touch and dominate your partner. Use light strokes on the rear end, extremities or other fleshy parts of the body. Avoid using the crop on or near the face.

This leather-covered riding crop has a fiberglass core, cushioned with foam so the sting is nice because the increased impact area softens the blow. The cover is made of good quality leather and well-stitched. Condition your sub in style with this leather riding crop. If we can suggest an alternative use for it: let him or her bite on this crop while you’re working on him or her with another whip.


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