Role play

    • 10 Piece Bondage Kit


      Have you ever wished that someone would neatly package up all your must-have bondage play faves into one handy kit? Seriously, in the heat of the moment, who wants to be scrambling around searching for the cuffs, or the gag, or the whip? The folks at Strict heard your call for the perfect playtime kit, and here it is! Inside the Deluxe 10 Piece Bondage Set, you’ll find everything you and your partner could possibly need to have a very sexy night, or morning, or afternoon.

      Ready to play anytime and anywhere, the Set contains ten classic pieces in deep black. From the cuffs to the collar and leash, with the whip or the fuzzy tickler in hand, you’re guaranteed a good time. Although it’s perfect for partners at any level of bondage play experience, the Strict Deluxe Set is an amazing choice for beginner bondage players.


      CONTAINS: Handcuffs, ankle cuffs, neck collar, mouth gag, rope, leather bound cross, teasing feather and nipple clamps.


    • 30 Piece Bondage Kit


      When you’re all tied up in the middle of a hot, heavy, super-sexy play session, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is how your play gear looks! But when…

    • Bedroom Commands

      • A very sexy deck of definitely not standard cards, Bedroom Commands splits a pile of 108 cards into two piles, Dirty Daddy and Sexy Bi*#h.
      • You can choose how to deal, play and call the activities on the cards, try hiding one somewhere in the house for your object of desire to find, or slyly conceal one in a briefcase, purse or wallet.
      • The activities on the cards are all definitely sexy, but run the gamut from teasing to downright dirty, so choose wisely, or leave the night to chance and each pick one at random.
      • For example, cards drawn at random  Sexy B*#ch and Dirty Daddy piles respectively, read ‘Allow me to teach you how to best pleasure me with your fingers’ and ‘Tell me your kinkiest fantasy and then let’s act it out.’
    • Cross Cuffs

      • Material: Made of durable and premium PU leather, short plush and metal, this piece offers a luxurious feel and texture.
      • Adjustable size and tightness, suitable for both men and women. Enjoy the thrill of being hogtied without having to worry about complicated techniques and tying elaborate knots.Once your lover is on bound and tied, what happens next is up to you!
      • The product is lined with a faux fur for a comfortable, soft and plush feel against skin.
      • It has two belts, 14.17 in and 12.20 in respectively and a width of 2.36 in.The nice rivets on the belt add a sense of style to the entire set, with rugged hooks and a number of small holes to adjust the tightness.
      • The unique design will bring different experiences to your life.
      • The furry leather circle on the hand leather circle and crotch protect your soft skin from scratches, giving you the comfort of a different kit.Please use warm water and soap to clean the product, rinse off the residue with water after use
    • Cuffs

      • PU leather material wrist Cuffs
      • Handcuffs easy to do tricks with, the perfect gift for your wife and girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, Wedding night, Honeymoon, and other sweet nights
      • High-quality make the product safe Simple Well-designed Realistic flexible shape with exquisite Leather is soft and smooth and has no damage to the skin.
      • Amazing for beginners.
    • Under Bed Restraints with Blindfold

      • Under-the-bed restraint kit for corner-to-corner spreader-bar-style action. Transforms your divan bed into a full-restraint system without any permanent fixtures or fittings. Cuffs fasten with Velcro and are fully adjustable for a comfortable fit. Cuffs can be used with most beds, including super-king size. Perfect for corner-to-corner spreader-bar-style action.
      • Comfortable One Size Fits All: Made of high-quality material, soft, smooth, and comfortable to wear and won’t cause damage to your skin.
      • Highly Durable Stainless Steel Construction – Its High Quality ensures its safety.
      • Easy to store, assemble, and carry. You can take it with you on your romantic getaway or use it just at home
      • Unisex- Perfect For Both Men And Women
      • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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