Remote controlled kegel balls

    • Remote Controlled Kegel Eggs (Set)


      Premium Ben Wa Kegel Balls Vibrating Remote Control Eggs Pelvic Floor Massager

      This kit includes balls that come in different weights and sizes to help you contract and release different muscles with ease.
      These Kegel balls do more than just get your pelvic floor into shape. They’re also known for enhancing pleasure.
      In this set, there are two forms of Kegel exercise balls; internal balls, which are placed into the vagina, and an external, which is used outside the vagina with vibrating capability but can also be used internally. Both of these types of exercise balls are tremendously beneficial in enhancing and improving the vaginal muscle.

    • Tadpole Remote Controlled Vibrator


      Let’s play- discover a new addiction you cannot resist. Enter the next step of vibrating egg technology, and dive into a whole new level of hidden pleasure. With a retrieval loop that vibrates to stimulate your love spot on the outside while the orb pulsates and vibrates internally , this egg offers dual stimulation- inside and out. Operate the controls yourself, or put your pleasure in the hands of another, up to 50 ft away.


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