4 Piece Sex Dice


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4 pieces of dice and black bag. Spice things up the dice.

2 show the different sex positions, the other the location, what to do and where to do it.

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Sex dice is a dice game intended to heighten the sexual atmosphere and promote foreplay. Instead of numbers, each face on the dice contains the name of a body part; the body part that faces up when the die is rolled must then be given sexual attention. Rolling sex dice to helps “break the ice and extend [one’s] foreplay. Preferably bly roll of the sex dice for those who are not particularly limber (and therefore cannot try “new and inventive position[s]”) as a means to “bring variety to [one’s] bedroom romps.

Roll the dice and make your partners suffer the consequences in this game of chance. Fun and sexy games and gifts for couples, boy/girlfriend, etc. Enjoy playing with erotic dice.

Sex dice.These are very cool dice have your most intimate sexual fantasies engraved on their sides.

Play dice with your partner in the pitch dark. The glow in the dark mechanism will ensure that you will still be able to see the dice and the position it comes up with. It’s very sexy and great fun to have around you for an evening, especially when you don’t want to watch television and want to indulge in some adult games instead. The dice will encourage you along!

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