Nipple Clamps

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  • Reliable material
  • Adjustable clips
  • Easy to use
  • Multifarious purposes

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Nipple clamps, there are many different ways to engage in sensation play, but if you’re a fan of having your nipples pinched or even bitten, nipple clamps might be your new best friend.

This type of sex toy can seem intimidating at first, but clamps intentionally promote pleasurable sexual stimulation. Whether you’re looking to incorporate these during solo play or with a partner, they can cause an endorphin release that elevates an orgasm.

First on your finger to enhance awareness of its power to pinch. Then, play with the placement of the clamps before slowly placing them directly around your nipples. First-timers should also look for a pair that comes with an adjuster so you can ease your way into the level of pressure that feels right for you. Like this nipple clamps benefits are;

Reliable material: the clips are made of quality alloy and soft silicone, they are smooth and safe, also serving as exquisite clothing accessories.

Adjustable clips: the tension can be adjusted reversely by loosening the screws on the chain clamp, which is simple and practical to apply, purple bells are added on the 2 clips because their sound is crisp and very interesting

Easy to use: just clamp the cloth parts with external clips on both sides and tighten the screws, and the other two clips can be applied for men’s need, very convenient to use.

Multifarious purposes: based on the small size, light weight, easy cleaning and portability, these non piercing chain accessories are able to be applied as chic clothing accessories to show their characteristics


Black, Pink, Purple, Red


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