Mixfun Penis Pump

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Mixfun Penis Pump

Electric automatic penis pump male penis enlargement vibrator penis extender USB rechargeable penis enhancement male sex toy


Amplification type: automatic electric vacuum penis enlargement

Material: Medical TPR + ABS

Product size: as shown

Colour: Black

Battery: USB charging

Safe, healthy and fast, is a must-have weapon for the strong.

Waterproof: The cup is waterproof.

Instructions for Mixfun Penis Pump
1. Starting from all or half, slowly slide the penis into the vacuum tube until there is no air leak.

2. Press the switch / suction button, the pump turns on and starts pumping. Take time to adjust to feelings and negative pressure.

3. Stop and check your penis for abnormal exposure or vein protrusion, press the valve button to stop and release the pressure. If everything is normal, please continue to pump water.

4. Once you have enough length, stop pumping, and then write down your current size for the next breakthrough.

5. Press the valve button to disperse the air, and the drawn penis slides out of the cylinder freely.

6. After the penis leaves the cylinder, it will gradually return to its normal size.

It is recommended to use this product for no more than 20 minutes each time, and to avoid any damage to the blood vessels, but it is best to use the pump regularly.


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