Bedroom Commands

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  • Bedroom Commands splits a pile of 108 cards.
  • The two piles are Dirty Daddy and Sexy B*#ch.
  • Sexy Game

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Bedroom Commands is a very sexy deck of definitely not standard cards, Bedroom Commands splits a pile of 108 cards into two piles, Dirty Daddy and Sexy Bi*#h.

Sex games can be anything that you engage in with your sexual partner(s) that you find fun in the sexual context,

When your relationship feels stuck in a rut, sex games can bring a necessary lightness to a relationship. It’s another way to have a laugh with each other, and it’s a special time for a couple because they are not the kind of games people would share with non-sexual friends. Sex games enable ‘couples to connect on a different level, and can help lighten the mood when the rest of life can feel like a daily grind. How to introduce Sex Games to the bedroom

You can choose how to deal, play and call the activities on the cards, try hiding one somewhere in the house for your object of desire to find, or slyly conceal one in a briefcase, purse or wallet.

The activities on the Bedroom Commands are all definitely sexy, but run the gamut from teasing to downright dirty, so choose wisely, or leave the night to chance and each pick one at random.

For example, cards drawn at random  Sexy B*#ch and Dirty Daddy piles respectively, read ‘Allow me to teach you how to best pleasure me with your fingers’ and ‘Tell me your kinkiest fantasy and then let’s act it out.’

Bedroom Commands will help you spice things up with your partner! This is a double deck card game, with one deck for him, and another for her.

Strictly for age 21+

Whenever either of you feels like taking charge of your love life, select a card to reveal an action for the other, for the evening.

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