Unimat Male Masturbator

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  • Majestic Male Mastubator, dark green. A revolution in technology.Fitted with 3 buttons to control the different sensations.
  • When you are feeling like a good spiraling, sucking blowjob, then this masturbator cup is your go-to pick. It’s a true sucking machine. Reinvented to reignite your sex life, this vibrating blow job stroker takes oral sex to incredible new levels.
  • This automatically male masturbator cup function-based on the basic function of man’s masturbation cup vibration, give you a variety of options to help you enjoy the various stimulation. This stimulating and wonderful feeling is hard to reach with hands. Built-in special Spiral stripes, just the right friction will enhance your pleasure.
  • It can be fully charged within 60 minutes and be used for 60 minutes, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of solo play. Good performance helps you easy to use and enjoy a lasting orgasm.Perfect for trips and solo time. Easy to clean too.

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Suction Vibrator.

Fitted with 3 buttons to control the different sensations.

  1. Button explanation:
  2. One key burst(the S button):
  3. Press the finger button to get the Orgasm
  4. Clip suction key(the clouds button):
  5. Press the sucking button to suck your shaft with different modes
  6. Vibrating key: Press this button to change different modes as your feeling
  7. Power key: Press the power button and hold for 3-5 seconds to tum on the toy, click it again to start vibrating with different modes


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