App controlled toy

    • Flamingo App Controlled Vibrator


      Material: Silicone
      ◇ Color: Rose Red
      ◇ Size: φ30*30*105mm
      ◇ Weight: 100g
      ◇ Vibration: Unlimited Frequency by APP (7500speeds/mins)
      ◇ Power Supply: USB Rechargeable
      ◇ Waterproof: 100% Waterproof ◇ Certificate: CE, RoHS

    • FOLOVE Dolp Wearable Vibe, App Bluetooth Remote Control Powerful Massager.


      Product Functions: Control From Anywhere In The World: sync the LOVEAI vibrator with the app and control it from anywhere.
      Great for partner play and boosting your relationship. Unlimited Customization: create your own vibration patterns in the app and save them for later. Try new combinations and find what you like the most.
      Music Sync: sync the vibrator with your favorite music and enjoy a session of slow build up with a tantalizing climax. Enjoy music in a whole new way.
      Long Distance Control: can be controlled at ANY distance using two smartphones and connecting in the app.
      Unlimited Vibration Patterns: create and share your own or download from the cloud.
      Sound Activated Vibrations: experience the sound around you in a way you neverhave before. Global Sharing Platform: App allows you to create, download and share vibration patterns.

      •Material: Safe body silicone. •Color: Purple red. •Size:180mm*35.5mm*35.2mm. •Frequency: Max 12000 r/s. •Waterproof: 100% waterproof. •Charging: USB Rechargeable. •Charging Time: 2 hours. Using Time: 2 hours.
      •Working Voice: Less than 45 DB. •Bend: 360 Free Direction •Adjusting. Wireless:
      •Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy. •Control Mode: App or Manual control.

    • Levett Long Distance Pantie Insert APP Controlled Vibe


      The LEVETT is a smart phone app-controlled long distance vibe. It’s app (available for both Android and iOS) enables you to play with a partner from anywhere in the world over internet.

      Multiple modes – ① Classic mode: 9 vibration frequency ② Music mode ③ Shake mode.Operation instructions can also be found in the APP operation guide.
      Easy to use – Connect to our free app for fun & effective kegel exercises.
      Real Results – Train 15 minutes every day to feel a difference in just two weeks.
      Doctor recommended – Medical silicone and ABS. Waterproof. Easy to clean and use.

      How to operate:
      APP download and install
      IOS system:
      1.Search for”Levett”in the app store and download and install it.
      2.Scan the QR code in the lower right corner with your mobile phone and download and install the”Levett”app prompted as prompted.
      Android system:
      1.Scan the QR code in the lower right corner with your mobile phone and download and install the”Levett”app as prompted.
      2.Search for”Levett”in Google store,download and install it(user can use Google store recommendation to download this method).

      Connect device:
      1.Connect the device after the first login.
      2.Click”+”,the device connecting scan box will appear.
      3.Scan the equipment identification code on the product box or instruction to add the equipment.
      4.long press the device icon to delete the device or modify the device name.

      App Mode:
      Support Touch,Music,handshake,Remote and Cloud Mode.
      Support: Android or iOS,Bluetooth . Global sharing platform – App allows you to create, download and share vibration patterns.

    • Little Eyed Monster Vibrator


      Material: Silicone Color: Pink/Light Green Size: φ36*98mm Weight: 100g Vibration: 8Speeds Power Supply: USBRechargeable Waterproof: 100% Waterprooof

    • Lush Lovense 3


      ●Hands-free discreet pleasure for fun anywhere, anytime with the most powerful Bluetooth remote control vibrator! The fixed tail ensures Lush 3 “hugs” your body and stays in place. Even more, it puts more pressure on your G-Spot which results in even more intense, deeper, and rumbly vibrations!

      ●Choose from 7 fun and mind-blowing vibration modes or perform your own with the Lovense app which has a redesigned antenna and printed circuit board to ensure even better connectivity! The wireless app lets your partner control the intensity and speed from anywhere in the world.

      ●The Lush 3 is now stronger and more silent than before. Redesigned for intimate pleasure and reliable wireless control; specially curved to hit your G-Spot. The fixed tail makes sure that the toy stays in place and provides more intense yet quiet vibrations that last up to 5 hours of continuous use. It is made using body-safe silicone material; waterproof and smooth to the touch.

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