Wearable Vibrators

    • Crescent Wearable Gspot and Clitoris Stimulator

      • Enhances the Sensations of Sex for Both Partners.
      • Ergonomic Shape for Maximum Comfort
      • Tip and Ridged Design Adds Extra Pleasurable Stimulation.
      • Bends and Flexes to Suit All Body Shapes for Couple
      • Dual Motors to Accurately Target the C and G-spot for More Explosive Climaxes.
    • Flamingo App Controlled Vibrator


      Material: Silicone
      ◇ Color: Rose Red
      ◇ Size: φ30*30*105mm
      ◇ Weight: 100g
      ◇ Vibration: Unlimited Frequency by APP (7500speeds/mins)
      ◇ Power Supply: USB Rechargeable
      ◇ Waterproof: 100% Waterproof ◇ Certificate: CE, RoHS

    • FOLOVE Dolp Wearable Vibe, App Bluetooth Remote Control Powerful Massager.


      Product Functions: Control From Anywhere In The World: sync the LOVEAI vibrator with the app and control it from anywhere.
      Great for partner play and boosting your relationship. Unlimited Customization: create your own vibration patterns in the app and save them for later. Try new combinations and find what you like the most.
      Music Sync: sync the vibrator with your favorite music and enjoy a session of slow build up with a tantalizing climax. Enjoy music in a whole new way.
      Long Distance Control: can be controlled at ANY distance using two smartphones and connecting in the app.
      Unlimited Vibration Patterns: create and share your own or download from the cloud.
      Sound Activated Vibrations: experience the sound around you in a way you neverhave before. Global Sharing Platform: App allows you to create, download and share vibration patterns.

      •Material: Safe body silicone. •Color: Purple red. •Size:180mm*35.5mm*35.2mm. •Frequency: Max 12000 r/s. •Waterproof: 100% waterproof. •Charging: USB Rechargeable. •Charging Time: 2 hours. Using Time: 2 hours.
      •Working Voice: Less than 45 DB. •Bend: 360 Free Direction •Adjusting. Wireless:
      •Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy. •Control Mode: App or Manual control.

    • Levett Long Distance Pantie Insert APP Controlled Vibe


      The LEVETT is a smart phone app-controlled long distance vibe. It’s app (available for both Android and iOS) enables you to play with a partner from anywhere in the world over internet.

      Multiple modes – ① Classic mode: 9 vibration frequency ② Music mode ③ Shake mode.Operation instructions can also be found in the APP operation guide.
      Easy to use – Connect to our free app for fun & effective kegel exercises.
      Real Results – Train 15 minutes every day to feel a difference in just two weeks.
      Doctor recommended – Medical silicone and ABS. Waterproof. Easy to clean and use.

      How to operate:
      APP download and install
      IOS system:
      1.Search for”Levett”in the app store and download and install it.
      2.Scan the QR code in the lower right corner with your mobile phone and download and install the”Levett”app prompted as prompted.
      Android system:
      1.Scan the QR code in the lower right corner with your mobile phone and download and install the”Levett”app as prompted.
      2.Search for”Levett”in Google store,download and install it(user can use Google store recommendation to download this method).

      Connect device:
      1.Connect the device after the first login.
      2.Click”+”,the device connecting scan box will appear.
      3.Scan the equipment identification code on the product box or instruction to add the equipment.
      4.long press the device icon to delete the device or modify the device name.

      App Mode:
      Support Touch,Music,handshake,Remote and Cloud Mode.
      Support: Android or iOS,Bluetooth . Global sharing platform – App allows you to create, download and share vibration patterns.

    • Little Eyed Monster Vibrator


      Material: Silicone Color: Pink/Light Green Size: φ36*98mm Weight: 100g Vibration: 8Speeds Power Supply: USBRechargeable Waterproof: 100% Waterprooof

    • Mary Sucking Vibrator


      A must have!!

      • A match made in orgasm heaven, the Mary Sucking stimulator combines G-spot Stimulate and vibrating Clitoral stimulation for blissful delights. This divine toy offers 10 levels of intensity and 10 vibration patterns for sensational blended pleasure.
      • Made of food safe silicone, the vibe uses Mary’s patented Pleasure Air technology to envelop the clitoris with thrilling contactless suction.
      • Alongside the suction is the firm, vibrating G-spot stimulator which offers 10 vibration modes for intense internal stimulation.
      • Move either part of the stimulator through 10 levels of intensity independently and enjoy a completely customisable erotic experience.
      • Just coat the rim and shaft with water-based lubricant to enhance sensations during use.
    • MEESE Female Sex Toy

      • Pneumatic sucking real mouth love
      • Tremble to move the foreplay artifact
      • Entering the body shake to enjoy the G spot
      • Liquid silicone feels real.
      • Meet Tracy’s dog big sister.
      • 5 in one vibrator. Suction, g-spot vibration and pen play.
      • Has everything you need and more in a vibrator. G-Spot vibration, suction and amazing pen play.
    • NV Toy DINA


      Material: ABS, Silicone

      Color: Purple

      Size: 19.8 x 3.4 (Detail size please check picture)

      Frequency: 10 Suction Modes; 10 Vibrating Modes

      Dual Motors

      Charging mode: USB Rechargeable

      Working time: 1-2 hrs

      Charging time: 3 hrs

      Waterproof function: life waterproof

    • Tracy’s Dog OG Pro2 Sucking Vibrator

      • 2 in 1 Clitoral stimulator with suction – 10 vibration patterns to stimulate all of those sensitive nerve endings. Sucking and pulsing against the clitoris at one side, the opposite slips into the vagina and comes to rest alongside the g-spot and sensitive surrounding tissue, ranging from soft and gentle to fast and hard.
      • High Grade Material – The slender and firm silicone shaft makes it easy to explore your sugar walls and target your hungry-for-action G-spot. Made of body-safe silicone, it is super-soft, hygienic,nonporous. and that slightly phallic tip is ready to make love to your sweet G!
      • High-performance Rechargeable Battery – Clitoral Sucking Vibrator is conveniently USB rechargeable, for elevated ecstasy wherever you want it, powering up fully in about 2.5 hours. A full charge will run pressure waves and vibration for up to 50 continuous minutes.
      • IPX-7 Waterproof – This unique vibrator uses orgasmic suction technology to simulate a sucking sensation, encircling your clit and targeting it for intense stimulation. It is fully waterproof so you can use it while taking a shower or relaxing in the tub.
    • Wearable G-spot and Clitoris Vibrator


      Wearable Design & Wireless Remote Control: You can hide the  vibrator in your Vagina, so you can take it out anywhere; Give your partner control of the remote to turn it on and off within 5-10M, and you’ll experience sudden unexpected excitement.

      Stronger & Quieter: Wearable Clitoris G-spot Vibrator with 9 vibration modes will constantly stimulate your clitoris and G-spot to help you reach orgasm. Feel free to switch modes to suit your desires and enjoy endless excitement. With Vibrating noise less than 40db, your privacy is protected and you won’t worry about disturbing others.

      Ergonomic Design & 100% Waterproof: Made to fit perfectly with your body’s natural curves this wearable vibrator is created with the highest quality medical grade silicone materials to ensure a safe and enjoyable use each time. It’s easy to clean, hypoallergenic, and completely waterproof.

      USB-Docking Rechargeable: Don’t worry about batteries of the g spot toys. It’s rechargeable for use anywhere around the world. Recharge the adult sex toy vibrator in 1.5 hours with the provided USB charging cable so you can enjoy 0.5-1 hour of sensual stimulation.

    • Whisper Panty Vibrator

      • Perfect Shape to Wear in Panties.
      • Delivers strong whisper-quiet vibrations so you can take it anywhere.
      • Ergonomic teardrop shape fits natural curves for maximum contact and arousal.
      • Whisper-quiet and 12m wireless operated.
    • Wingie (Tracy’s Dog)

      • Rechargeable Multi functional 3 motors vibrating.
      • It has 7 vibration modes for you to pick.
      • Wingie is a waterproof rechargeable multi functional 3 motors vibrator with 7 vibration modes.
      • Use it to massage your clitoris and gspot simultaneously.
      • Or place it around your mans cock and place it inside your vagina or if you prefer anal….. either way you’ll love this baby

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